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Minutes of the Village of Martin Board
September 9, 2013
Village of Martin
Regular Meeting
September 9, 2013

The Martin Village Council met for its regular meeting on September 9, 2013, at the Martin Village Office, 1609 North Main Street, Martin, Michigan.

Call to Order and Pledge to Flag: President Brinkhuis called the meeting to order at 7:01 p.m. The Pledge of Allegiance to the American flag was recited.

Roll Call: Members present: Brinkhuis, Flower, Rambadt, Doezema, Wykstra, Kelsey and Deputy Clerk Merrill. Member Hunt was absent.

Approval of Minutes: Motion made by Member Flower and supported by Member Rambadt to approve the minutes of the regular meeting of August 12, 2013. Motion carried.

Recognition of Visitors: Visitors present were: Don Rambadt and Don Black, County Commissioner. President Brinkhuis asked each visitor to state their purpose for attending and to discuss any issues they had for the Council to consider. Mr. Rambadt had no comment and Mr. Black deferred until later in the agenda.

Approval of Agenda: Member Doezema presented the agenda. Motion was made by Member Flower and supported by Member Wykstra to approve the agenda as presented. Motion carried.

Communications: Clerk Doezema reviewed the following received correspondence:
(1) Email from MHS Principal regarding "Reward School" recognition - President Brinkhuis sent a letter of congratulations in response
(2) Kalamazoo Gospel Mission fundraiser
(3) Library ice cream social notice
(4) Mounted Patrol email
(5) Library Newsletter
(6) Fire Department/Village ISO Rating - Member Flower passed info on to Bleeker Ins.
(7) Email regarding resident complaint on west side - Member Flower will send a response

Financial Items:

1. Treasurer's Report: Treasurer Rambadt highlighted her report, reporting that all bills have been paid and we have reconciled with bank. Discussion on the Bond interest, which is due October 1. Motion was made by Member Doezema and supported by Member Wykstra to approve the report for August 2013 as submitted. Motion carried.

2. Payment of Bills: The bills were reviewed by Clerk Doezema. Some bills were paid prior to the meeting, to ensure payment by due date. Member Flower explained the Etna bill. Motion was made by Member Wykstra and supported by Member Flower to pay the bills and any forthcoming utility bills. Motion carried.

Department Updates/Reports:

1. Public Safety: No report.

2. Public Works: President Brinkhuis reported that we are still waiting on bids for painting.

3. Streets: Member Wykstra reported that there are no quotes yet on chip seal. There is a meeting Wednesday, September 11 at 10:00 a.m. with the individuals doing the resurface, which will be done early in spring. Mention was made that it should not be done during Memorial Day timeframe.

4. Sewer/Water: Member Flower reported that he is getting an instruction booklet for utility billing from another official who uses the same system. The State Chem meeting will be Sept. 20 at 10:00, to discuss the 30 day test of a product vice the 90 day test recommended by State Chem. Member Flower and Member Doezema will attend. Member Flower further reported on the pump overhaul bids. Motion made by Member Flower to have Kraai do the overhaul without the motor rebuild for approximately $21,000. Motion supported by Member Wykstra. Motion carried. Member Flower will get more info on the SAW Grant program on Wednesday. Also, he recently sent Shine Auto a warning letter on their delinquent water bill of approximately $3000. Discussion on how best to handle this. Suggestion made that we need a plumber to go with Don and Earl to check out the system and to discuss with Shine Auto owner the need to have the money no later than November 15. Member Flower recapped the joint sewer meeting with Plainwell from September 6. Discussion on whether we should do weekly tests at the manhole nearest VanElderen's plant and compare it to Plainwell's weekly readings. Member Flower and Member Doezema will determine the best way to do this testing and when.

5. Finance: President Brinkhuis and Member Rambadt reported on the recent committee meeting. We are looking in to ways to get more interest on our bank balances, such as moving money. Sally Brooks was consulted and said that we cannot do any stocks or bonds. The money must be in a secure situation. Deputy Clerk Merrill and Member Rambadt are researching options.

6. Ordinance and Policy: Member Doezema suggested we refer to our ordinance and send a letter to Lanko (Clark Station) regarding their weeds. Deputy Clerk Merrill found the ordinance that refers to weeds. Discussion on whether to revise the ordinance

7. Civic Affairs: Member Kelsey had no report.

8. Five Year Planning: The initial meeting with Don Black was held August 20. The Strategic Planning session is scheduled for October 22, 2013, from 5:30 until 9:30. Discussion held on who to invite, in addition to the public. Recommendations on who to invite include: Jim Schipper (school board), Glenn Leep (Township Supervisor), Ron VandenBerg or Jon Schipper (Fire Department), Rick Martin & Larry Harness (former Council members), Chris Carmen and Mike VanElderen (business owners), Don Rambadt (representing veterans), and possibly some students. Member Doezema will coordinate the event and invitations with Mr. Black.

9. County Commissioner: Don Black provided a synopses of the August 22, 2013 County Commission meeting. He highlighted the purchase of a new phone system and discussed how he voted on the Veterans Treatment Court Grant Program.

Old Business: None

New Business: None

Recent Community Deaths: The following names were submitted: Marie Evans, Dawn Hart, Charlotte Harris, and Carol Seiser.

Adjournment: Motion was made by Member Flower and supported by Member Wykstra to adjourn the meeting at 8:30 p.m. Motion carried.

Respectfully submitted,
Darcy Doezema, Clerk