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July 9, 2012
Village of Martin
Regular Meeting
July 9, 2012

The Martin Village Council met for its regular meeting on July 9, 2012, at the Martin Village Office, 1609 North Main Street, Martin, Michigan.

Call to Order and Pledge to Flag: President Harness called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m., followed by the Pledge of Allegiance to the American flag.

Roll Call: Members present: Brinkhuis, Flower, Harness, K. Seiser, J. Seiser, Wykstra and Deputy Clerk Merrill. Member Rambadt was absent.

Approval of Minutes: Motion was made by Member Wykstra and seconded by Member Flower to approve the minutes of the regular meeting of June 11, 2012, as submitted. Motion carried.

Recognition of Visitors: Marlene Leep, Darcy Doezema and Dan Reed were present. Don Graham, new pastor of the United Methodist Church, arrived at 7:35 p.m., and Don Black, County Commissioner, arrived at 7:50 p.m.

Darcy Doezema gave a report on the open house at the Community Garden on June 23. She also presented a "wish list" of needed items to maintain the garden with the hope of donations from the community.

Marlene Leep reported that the library is doing well and gave an update on a possible walking trail on the old interurban which Wayland is working on.

Dan Reed was present to request a special use permit for a lot on West Allegan Street that he is planning to purchase from Jodie Gilson, behind Carman Pharmacy. He had submitted a letter of explanation of his request. He would plan to use the lot for the sale of automobiles as the primary use with some minimal repairs and detailing. He may also sell small utility trailers and other recreational vehicles. He presented a diagram showing size and how many vehicles could be placed in the lot. He stated that he had spoken with adjacent neighbors who had expressed no complaints. The council suggested that Mr. Reed obtain those in writing and present to the next meeting in August, at which time the request could be voted on.

Approval of Agenda: Motion was made by Member Flower and seconded by Member Wykstra to approve the agenda as presented. Motion carried.

Communications: The following were presented:
1. Thank you note from Judge William Baillargeon for allowing him to make his presentation on drinking and driving at the June meeting.
2. Letter from Michigan Gas Utilities stating they will soon change the way they install gas metering equipment for new residential and small commercial customers, beginning July 23, 2012.
3. Thank you note from J.C. Wheeler Library for letting then borrow the sound system for an event in June.
4. Ballot from MML Workers' Compensation Fund for their Board of Trustees election. Motion was made by Member Brinkhuis and seconded by Member Flower to authorize Clerk K. Seiser to cast the ballot and return. Motion carried.

Financial Items:
1. Treasurer's Report: Deputy Clerk Merrill had reconciled and prepared the report for June 2012 in the absence of Treasurer Rambadt. All funds agree with the bank, the treasurer's ledger and the computer. Motion was made by Member Flower and supported by Member Wykstra to approve the Treasurer's Report for June 2012 as submitted. Motion carried.
2. Payment of Bills: After review of the revised list of bills due, motion was made by Member Flower and supported by Member Brinkhuis to pay the bills as presented plus forthcoming utility bills and to hold the bill from Carrot-Top Industries until verified. Motion carried.
3. Audit Update: Deputy Clerk Merrill reported that two persons from Yeo & Yeo had been on site from June 25-28 to work on the audit. She stated that Yeo & Yeo had noted one small donation from the village and left a copy of a section from the handbook for general law village officials which states that under Michigan Law donations are illegal expenditures of public funds. This will be observed in the future. Yeo & Yeo plans to complete the village audit by the end of July or early August.

Department Updates/Reports:
1. Public Safety: Member Brinkhuis reported that the B-93 event on June 23-24 went fairly well. The Allegan County Mounted Division did a great job. President Harness expressed concern about the traffic in the Reformed Church parking lot and the garbage which was littered. He also stated that people were frequently using obscenities. Possibly next year the church parking lot could be closed.
2. Public Works: No report.
3. Streets: Street Commissioner Wykstra reported that painting and striping has been done, and work is starting on the drain on West Allegan Street. It was noted that the manhole covers on that street are very noisy when crossed.
4. Sewer/Water: Member Flower reported that a bid package had been received from Wightman & Associates for a cleanout project of the sewer line south of 114th Street. Because the project will exceed $10,000, bids will need to be let. After discussion, a motion was made by Member Brinkhuis and supported by Member Flower to accept the bid package from Wightman & Associates and to let them handle the bid process. Motion carried.

A memo from Tim was read to consider including the cleaning of the wet wells at the same time as the cleanout project. The needed equipment would be on site and sitting idle the majority of the time, monitoring the level of the main lift station. The cleanout bid also includes jet cleaning the force main 700 feet north and south of the new cleanout location, which would only take two to three hours. The thought is that additional jet cleaning will be necessary, and it would be advantageous to use the personnel and equipment during the cleanout installation project. This would be more efficient and cost saving for the village and the environmental service. Tom Deneau of Wightman & Associates has been contacted about the cleaning of the wet wells and was not sure that it would work. However, the matter will be investigated further.

Tim had also prepared a list of needed maintenance for sewer and water and streets. It was noted that these should be presented before the budget is prepared. It was also mentioned that some things are not known at the time the budget is drafted in January. President Harness said he would talk to Tim about the list and additional work requested.

Flower reported that letters had been sent to delinquent customers. President Harness requested that Flower provide a list each month of the delinquencies.

President Harness stated that a letter to Plainwell requesting a variance for quarterly flushing has been prepared. Attorney Ed Annen has been contacted regarding recovery of the fine levied by Plainwell. Mr. Annen will review the sewer ordinance and render his opinion. Harness would like to have someone from VanElderen at the next meeting.

The legality of billing an additional charge to township customers was discussed.

5. County Commissioner: Commissioner Don Black distributed synopses of the June 14 and June 28 meetings and highlighted several items, including the 2012 millage levy, which did not increase, and the Community Mental Health Authority. He also gave a report on the Palisades nuclear plant. He further stated that according to Lt. Frank Baker, there was a record crowd at the B-93 event on June 23-24. There will be follow up meetings to evaluate the event.

Old Business:
1. Office Sign: Member Flower stated that he still had heard nothing from Cronen Signs but had received two quotes for an outdoor sign for the office. Valley Signs had a quote of $625, and Postema Signs had a quote of $750. After discussion, a motion was made by Member Wykstra and seconded by Member J. Seiser to table a decision at this time. Motion carried.
2. Water Bond Refunding Update: Deputy Clerk Merrill reported that closing took place on June 27. On that date the bond proceeds for the Village of Martin Refunding Bonds were wired by Fifth Third Securities. Miller Canfield has received all of the necessary closing documents and the bonds were released into the account of Fifth Third Securities through the Depository Trust Company, and the bond issue is officially closed. Note: Several days after the meeting a transcript of the proceedings on CD-ROM was received.
3. Election Reminders: Signed petitions and other necessary documents must be turned into the Martin Township Clerk by 4:00 p.m. on August 14.

New Business:
1. Sidewalk Repair: Member Brinkhuis stated that he had contacted Arnsman about submitting a quote for repair of sidewalks. He did not have an entire package and plans to obtain additional bids. President Harness suggested getting a square foot price and address the most hazardous areas to stay within the budgeted amount of $10,000. Member Flower referred to the Sidewalk Policy which was adopted June 13, 1995. There was discussion on cost to the village and property owners.

Recent Community Deaths: Names submitted were: Marvin Meeter and Pamela Hunt.

Adjournment: Motion was made by Member Wykstra and supported by Member Flower to adjourn the meeting at 8:30 p.m. Motion carried.

Respectfully submitted,

Joyce Merrill
Deputy Clerk