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June 13, 2011
Martin Village Council
Regular Meeting
June 13, 2011

The Martin Village Council met for its regular meeting on May 9, 2011, at the Martin Village Office, 1609 North Main Street, Martin, Michigan.

Call to Order and Pledge to Flag: President Harness called the meeting to order at 7:30 p.m., followed by the Pledge of Allegiance to the American flag.

Roll Call: Members present: Brinkhuis, Flower, Harness, Martin, Rambadt, Clerk K. Seiser and Deputy Clerk Merrill. Member J. Seiser was absent.

Approval of Minutes: Motion was made by Member Flower and seconded by Member Rambadt to approve the minutes of the regular meeting of May 9, 2011, as submitted. Motion carried. Motion was made by Member Flower and seconded by Member Rambadt to approve the minutes of the special meeting of May 21, 2011, as submitted. Motion carried.

Recognition of Visitors: Don Rambadt was present. Randy Thompson arrived at 7:40 p.m., and Don Black arrived at 7:49 p.m.
Randy Thompson, of 990 Lee Street, adjacent to the north side of the village office parking area, presented photos of his back yard with high water. There has been a great deal of rain, but President Harness told Mr. Thompson that a leach basin will be put in the parking area soon, which should alleviate water going into his yard.

Approval of Agenda: Member Flower requested an addition to Old Business: Repeater. Motion was made by Member Martin and supported by Member Flower to approve the agenda with addition. Motion carried.

Communications: The follow were presented:
1. Ten outgoing letters of appreciation to persons/groups who had participated in the Memorial Day events.
2. Deputy Clerk Merrill reported that she had attempted several times to contact Family Radio to determine who was responsible for scattering the leaflets in the yards of village residents. There was not much success as no one ever returned calls. She also contacted Todd Callis to let him know about the attempts.
3. A phone call had been received from Tom McLaughlin about the odor at 932 East Allegan Street, next to his property. Merrill made calls to the former owner, the Allegan County Health Department and PCI. Waiting for a return call from PCI.
4. Flower had received a phone call about a campground near the highway to be set up and used for the B-93 event coming up June 17-19. This was referred to the township, who is meeting to discuss the situation.

Financial Items:
1. Treasurer's Report: Treasurer Rambadt stated that she has the same concerns about balances as expressed at the last meeting. She also reported that the check for delinquent taxes from the county was incorrect. She returned the check to the County Treasurer's Office, and they are working to correct the amount. Motion was made by Member Flower and seconded by Member Martin to accept the Treasurer's Report for May as submitted. Motion carried.
2. Payment of Bills: After review, motion was made by Member Flower and supported by Member Martin to approve payment of the bills as presented and forthcoming utility bills. Motion carried.
3. Closing Update: Deputy Clerk Merrill reported that two employees of Yeo & Yeo had been in the office all day working on the closing for 3/31/11. They will return on Tuesday, June 14, and if necessary, on Wednesday, June 15.

Department Updates/Reports:
1. Public Safety: It was reported that the Allegan County Mounted Division will be coming Friday night, June 17 and be available through Sunday, June 19, for the B-93 event. Gary Brinkhuis will host the deputies who will use horses to assist with traffic, etc. for the event. The village will make a donation to the Mounted Division to be determined later.
2. Public Works: Member Martin stated that due to the excessive rain, some projects have been delayed. However, Tim and Lori were able to paint trash cans and put new lids on. They painted a patriotic can which was placed near the Geib Memorial Park. Council members expressed their appreciation for an excellent job well done. It was also noted that there have been many compliments on the Memorial Day events. Another speaker for the PA system might be beneficial, and Flower is checking on this.
3. Streets: Commissioner Martin reported that the P.W. employees have painted street and crosswalk lines. He also stated that Clean Earth will be cleaning storm drains soon.
4. Sewer/Water: The following items were reported and discussed:
a. There were two "big flushes" attempted on May 23 and May 27 with water which did not accomplish much. An air flush was attempted on June 3 with no real effect to the flow rate.
b. Flower had e-mailed Tom Deneau with questions about various sewer issues and read some of the response information regarding blockage, back flow preventer, reservoir, etc.
c. Concern was expressed about VanElderen and continued high BOD's. It was agreed that VanElderen needs to be contacted to address these concerns, and Brinkhuis will set up a meeting at VanElderens.
d. Tim Eichler had prepared a report with pumpage flows showing a significant decrease in flows indicating a blockage. This is a definite concern. Tim's report mentioned some alternate options, including a process called "chemical burn". More information is expected about this process. The Sewer Committee will meet and further review the blockage problem and other sewer issues.
e. Flower reported that the surge arrester from Esper Electric was installed at the wellhouse.
f. Rebuilding of the water pump was discussed at length. Estimates from Peerless-Midwest and Kraai Well Drilling were reviewed and explained by Member Martin. It was agreed that the Water Committee should meet to further review the information and make a recommendation to the council. It was also noted that the tower is due for an inspection this year.
g. Flower stated that the Consumer Confidence report is due July 1. Also Tim has been working on the Village Emergency Response Plan.

County Commissioner: Don Black distributed synopses of the May 12, May 26 and June 9 County Commission meetings. He highlighted several items and reported that the Allegan County Planning Commission will not be eliminated but restructured. He then reported that a Land Bank Authority is being considered for the disposition of property which ends up being owned by the county due to unpaid taxes. There was discussion on the pros and cons of the possible Authority. Black also submitted a casino allocation schedule from the Gun Lake Casino and stated that a toll gate is now installed at the Gun Lake County Park.

Old Business:
1. D.P.W. Wage Recommendations: After reviewing the recommendations made at the May meeting, a motion was made by Member Brinkhuis and supported by Member Flower to approve the following P.W. wages to become effective July 1, 2011:
Tim Eichler - $15.00/hour Lori Martin - $9.25/hour and $12.75/hour for cleaning office.
Roll call vote: Ayes - Rambadt, Brinkhuis, Flower, K. Seiser
Nays - None
Abstain - Martin
Absent - J. Seiser
Motion carried.
2. Parking Lot Recommendations: It was noted that phase 1 was approved in April and would be started soon. President Harness expressed concern about proceeding with phases 2 and 3 due to the balance in the Building Fund, which will have other expenses already approved. He suggested waiting on phases 2 and 3 until next year after the budget is completed. Others concurred with the idea. Motion was made by Member Martin and seconded by Member Flower to proceed with phase 1 of the parking lot project and to table phases 2 and 3 until they can be included in next year's budget. Motion carried.
3. Communication Repeater: Flower reminded the council of the contract with the township, which has been approved, to install a repeater on the water tower. This is being done and will provide better communication for the fire department and also help with the B-93 event this weekend. The village may purchase communication hand held units, and a price is being investigated.

New Business:
1. Resolution 2011-6-6 Property Tax Millage: Deputy Clerk Merrill reported that information received from the County Equalization Department indicates that the Village can levy 8.9609 mills, the same as last year, but the Taxable Valuation of the Village for 2011 is down $187,294, resulting in less tax money.
Motion was made by Member Flower and supported by Member Martin to adopt Resolution 2011-6-6, establishing a tax levy of 8.9609 mills for 2011-2012.
Roll call vote: Ayes - Rambadt, Martin, Brinkhuis, Flower, K. Seiser.
Nays - None.
Absent - J. Seiser
Resolution declared adopted.
2. Delinquent Sewer/Water Bill, Independent Water: Treasurer Rambadt gave an update on the $6,544.23 delinquent sewer/water bill owed by Independent Water. They had indicated that this delinquency would be paid in spite of filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Flower read a letter to Independent Water from the Village dated January 4, 2011, reminding them of their commitment to pay the delinquency. There has been no response. It was the consensus of the council that this should be pursued. Rambadt was advised to contact the MMTA (Michigan Municipal Treasurers Association), which she will do. There was also discussion about Small Claims Court or possibly contacting Attorney Ed Annen.

Other: Martin asked about the BS&A software that Clerk Seiser is investigating and stated that he had talked to Brad Flower who indicated that the current equipment would be adequate for the new software. Flower noted that the Shine Auto Wash usage had dropped significantly. It was suggested that the meter be checked. They are also two months delinquent, and President Harness instructed Flower to send a delinquent notice immediately.

Recent Community Deaths: Two names were submitted - Anna Emmons and Harold H. Tuinstra.

Adjournment: Motion was made by Member Martin and seconded by Member Flower to adjourn at 9:16 p.m. Motion carried.
Respectfully submitted,

Joyce Merrill
Deputy Clerk